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American Patriot Caucus
Georgians For Truth
Election Truth In Georgia
United Sovereign Americans

Amicus Brief from March 30, 2023

Documents from Jan. 2023 Meeting

Election Integrity Zip File

Grand Jury draft  

Documents for June 1st Meeting

Election Integrity Update (Jun 1, 22)  
Refutation of Sec. of State Raffensperger’s False Election Claims (Feb 10, 22)  
Inspector General Letter (Ap 5, 22)  
Field Audit Report: Dominion Voting Systems ( Dec 2, 20)  
Field Audit Report: Post-election (Feb 23, 21)  

Bob Coovert Interview 5/21/22 Summary Document of Crimes Committed by Kemp and Raffensperger

Documents For March 3rd meeting DOWNLOAD HERE AND Call to Action

Documents Sent To Gov. Kemp’s Office DOWNLOAD HERE

Resolution for Full Independent Audit
Why We Cannot Let Kemp Win the GOP Primary
Jovan Pulitzer Georgia Senate Testimony Dec 30,2020  
Mike Lindell: Absolutely 9-0
The Navarro Report
Fulton County DA Election Investigation Feb. 10, 21
Current Georgia Litigation

Meeting Slides

Election Fraud Update (Aug 5, 21)  
Election Fraud Update/Call for Action (Sep 2, 21)  

Watchdog Groups

Election Privacy Information Center  
True The Vote  
Verified Voting  

Call for Action documents

Vernon Jones: Request to Investigate Kemp (Jun 1, 21)  
Letter to Kemp: Investigate Election Fraud (Jun 4, 21)  
Vernon Jones: Cohost Presss Conference (Jun 19, 21)  
Governor Kemp: Call for Resignation (Aug 27, 21)  
Senator Harbin: Call SOS to Testify  
Speaker Ralston letter to investigate fraud (July 15, 21)  
Sen.Gooch letter to investigate fraud (Aug 5, 21)  
US Rep Jody Hice letter to investigate SOS(Aug 5, 21)  
Senator Jason Anavitarte letter to investigate SOS (Aug 5, 21)  
Georgia Political Contacts  


Cobb County GOP censures Gov. Kemp  
GA Surveillance Vid Shows 24 People Dropped 19,000 Absentee Ballots in ZuckerBox  
Justice Department Addresses Violent Threats Against School Officials and Teachers  
43,000 Absentee Ballots Violated Chain of Custody  

Reference Documents

The Senate Judiciary Final Report Sen Ligon (Dec. 3, 20)   
Letter to Congress from Secretary Raffensperger (Jan. 6, 21)  
Sen Burt Jones to Sen Harbin Bring SOS to Senate (Jul. 15, 21)  
Speaker Ralson to Fulton County: Investigate Election Fraud (Jul. 15, 21)  
Loeffler to AG Carr: Investigate SOS (Ap. 28,21)  
Georgia SOS Investigating 2020 Election Whistle Blowers with OIG (Jul. 9, 21)  
GOP Resolution To Censure SOS  
Kemps Appoints Anti-Trump Judge (Jul. 22, 21)  
Principles of Liberty  
Ethics In Georgia Government Training  
OANN Bridgett Thorne Story  
Georgia-Republican-Party-Election-Confidence-Task-Force-Report (2/16/21)  
Cleta Mitchell: SOS Is Lying  
Fulton Election Chief Resigns (08/13/21)  
Senator William Ligon Election Files  
Georgia Code: The Three Laws  
Georgia Code 21-4-3 Defined  
Georgia Code 45-11-1  
Georgia Code 45-11-4