Meeting on July 11th

Where: Fannin County Senior Center

Speaker: . Phil Lausier – leading a multi-county legislative action committee

Topic:  How to get involved with issues that matter to you such as zoning, hunting and fishing regulations, 2nd amendment laws, etc.  This group monitors and investigates future and pending legislation that affects every Georgian.

Time: Light dinner begins at 6:00 pm followed by our speaker at 6:30 pm. All are welcome to attend.


Sample letters
Bar Code docx pdf
Constitutional Violations docx pdf
Redress docx pdf
Right to Privacy docx pdf

Election Integrity Info

UPDATED Reference Documents – Zip File

Election Integrity Groups Links

Write the Vote Election Integrity Summit Website
Recordings from Speakers
*Brian Pritchard History is Important
*Bob Coovert Evidence Timeline of Crimes Against GA Citizens
*Kim Brooks The Evidence in the Voter Rolls
*Garland Favorito Trust Comes With Transparency
*David Cross The Unverifiable Election Results

Election Integrity documents from July 6th meeting: Word or Pdf

** Other Election Integrity Documents from prior meetings



Here is the QR Code for State Freedom Caucus Newsletter (Mallory Staples) from March meeting:



Dr.Dan’s Freedom Forum: Radio Show
Concerned Citizens of Union County

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